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By now, all of us have heard about Agenda 21.  The water melons and gang green deny it has any influence on anything.  They used to say it didn’t even exist.  The extreme right says it means an invasion by blue helmeted Dutchmen and Hilary Clinton in an unholy alliance to confiscate our guns.  They used to say it was the work of a quarter million purple uniformed Chinese poised on the Mexican border to invade the U.S.  Both visions are distant from the truth, but at least the extreme right isn’t trying to lull America to sleep.

This link is a wake up call to those of us who have denied that the Agenda has any significance (Click Here).   Most Americans are not interested in politics, except for the entertainment value of the latest hilarious/ridiculous/dangerous escapades of our elected ones.  But if we want to maintain our freedom to laugh at and ridicule our politicians, we’d better pay attention to Agenda 21.  It needs to be ridiculed in our homes, laughed at in our bars and restaurants and refuted in public.

Take the time to find out what Agenda 21 says.  It is written in double-speak bureaucratic gobbledegook, but the message is still clear:  The elite know best and consequently should rule.  You are simply a minor player in the great mechanical scheme of nature.  You need to be controlled because mankind is just a servant to matter.  Freedom and Spirit have nothing to do with eco-reality.

Van Gogh’s Prison Yard

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  1. Maggi Dunakin says:

    The very thing that this “sustainable development” is supposed to do – save the planet – is the thing that destroys nature. High density living is not sustainable, it is the opposite. Look at NYC. Any city, really. If somehow a supply line is disrupted, public transportation breaks down, infrastructure begins experiencing its age, urban life cannot go on. At all. This style of living is the least sustainable there is. We run into a problem on Skunkbelly Lane, well, we solve it. We do something different and we pay for it ourselves.

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