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Frazier’s Magic Millions

Frazier’s Magic Millions

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YBP Promotes Regional Plan For Sustainable Development – Big Sky

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Yellowstone Business Partnership for Sustainable Development

“There was never any intention….”

When asked about the estimated price tag of $17,780,024.60 for the development of Dornix Park, the Big Timber city attorney, Bill Frazier was quoted in the October 9 Billings Gazette article as saying “There was never any intention to do all those things.  It (the park) will probably never be much more than it is now.”  If that is true, why then did the Dornix Park Citizen’s Committee (DPCC) spend approximately $87,000 which included a master plan ($47,000), an engineering study ($15,000), making existing modest improvements to the Park ($4,000) and of course, payment for supplies, parties, signs, etc. etc? (see the Big Timber city ledger at ).  Most of us can think of better uses for the money.

Why is a proposed public park in a City of 1,750 people a Pilot Project for Yellowstone Business Partnership for Sustainable Development (YBP)?  YBP has chosen 11 pilot projects (including Big Timber’s Dornix Park).  All are located within the Greater Yellowstone Biosphere.  Also see  Yellowstone National Park.

Why Dornix Park?  Apparently to test YBP’s new GY LEED Rating system which was developed in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the US Green Building Council, and to raise YBP’s public visibility.  Dornix Park was planned with YBP’s objectives in mind, NOT for the good of the Citizens of Big Timber.   Why?  How did this come about?  Why didn’t it make big news in Big Timber?  And now, why is the DPCC threatening a lawsuit against the City after being told this outrageous plan was not going to continue?

More on how we got here in a later blog.


3 Responses to “Frazier’s Magic Millions”

  1. Barbara Sell says:

    I am a long time Citizen of Sweet Grass County and Big Timber. As a business person of many, many years (now retired ) I deeply resent what our current City Council is doing to represent our community to the outside world as a bunch of backward thinking people. I understand Mr. Gobel’s ideas and agree with many of them, but this should not stop us from moving forward with improvements to our community.

  2. admin says:

    Dear Barbara,

    I am glad you understand and agree with many of my ideas. It is true that in some cases, I am adamantly opposed to what some believe to be improvements to the community because I see them as too expensive or limiting. In other cases, in fact most, improvements move the quality of life and economy forward. They are vital to the health of any city or county. It is my belief that progress is best left to the efforts of citizens through their own efforts, and by guiding their elected officials in the directions the citizenry wants, not the other way around.


  3. Maggi says:

    It is not “backward thinking” to pay for your own things with your own money. It is good business and the right way to do things. You do not rob Peter to pay Paul. I have been in business for 20 years. I don’t use credit. This long abandoned principle needs to be brought back into our lives. Personally, in our businesses and in our government.

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