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The Pig Talks

The Pig Talks

It’s Here!

 The Montana Pork Report tells us tax payers far more than most politicians want us to know.  Click here to read it.   This is just a taste of what you’ll find out:

The state of Montana alone has 35 taxes and fees to raise revenue:
Beer Tax
Cigarette Tax
 Coal Severance Tax
Coal Trust Interest Earnings
Corporation Tax
Drivers License Fee
Electrical Energy Tax
Highway Patrol Fines
Individual Income Tax
Inheritance Tax
Institution Reimbursements
Insurance Tax
Investment Licenses
Liquor Excise Tax
Liquor Profits
Lodging Facilities Sales Tax
Lottery Profits
Metal Mines Tax
Nursing Facilities Fee
Oil Severance Tax
Property Tax
Public Contractor’s Tax
Railroad Car Tax
Rental Car Sales Tax
Retail Telecom Excise Tax
TCA Interest Earnings
Tobacco Settlement
Tobacco Tax
Telephone Tax
U.S. Mineral Leasing
Vehicle License Fee
Vehicle Registration Fee
Video Gaming Tax
Wholesale Energy Trans Tax
Wine Tax
The Pig says: “How long until we pay a tax for having so many taxes?”  But even the Pig, who is the sharpest knife in the drawer of the animal kingdom, is silently bewildered when he considers the additional costs of State, County and City permits and licensing fees.  And if you would like to read a two page audit which tells the same story, click here.  Thanks to President Carl Graham of the Montana Policy Institute  and Citizens Against Government Waste for all of their great work.

Where's the Pork, Gov?

For a more charming view about the pork issue, click here.  The mainstream media loves the Governor and Pork.

One Response to “The Pig Talks”

  1. MJ says:

    Saw ad in Pioneer. Please be aware that Montana repealed its inheritance tax years ago. We still, technically, have a Montana estate tax on the books, but that tax was equal to whatever the state tax credit was on a person’s federal estate taxes so in essence Montana used to get part of the federal estate tax. However, due to changes in federal law several years ago the states’ ability to make that “pick-up” was eliminated so Montana no longer collects any of the federal estate tax in a taxable estate. (Depending upon what Congress does in 2011, the law may revert to the states being able to again pick up a share of the federal tax, but that has nothing to do with what used to be Montana’s inheritance tax.)

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