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Big Timber City Council Oct 4

The October 4 meeting was eventful, but the Mayor did a good job keeping things in check. He let everyone know up front that if they acted immaturely they would be removed.  A motion was passed to stop all development activity at Dornix, remove the sign and name, and remove the buildings. The Friends of Dornix were not very happy.  Justin made the motion and did a great job defending it.

Two things were troubling, however. There may be a recall campaign against Randy and Kevin, and probably Justin too after tonight.  The votes just aren’t there for a successful recall.  Outside afterwards, there were rumblings about a lawsuit.  Considering the real situation and potential liabilities, the lawsuit option appears to be a foolhardy, the recall campaign probably futile.

7 Responses to “Big Timber City Council Oct 4”

  1. Linda Clark Lynch says:

    Troubling!? What’s troubling to me is that 3 or 4 individuals, elected to represent the people who elected them, can trample over the events and lawfully enacted reforms of previous administrations without going back to those voters. Amazing! And, removing the sign and thereby attempting to “eliminate” Dornix Park is: 1) childish and vendictive; 2) disrespectfull of all those volunteers, including boy scouts, who have spent many hours working on the park; and 3) adding fuel to the fire that makes Big Timber’s city council the laughing stock of the rest of the state. I can only guess what your definition of integrity is — the recent actions of the city council relative to Dornix Park do not reflect “integrity” as I know it…
    Linda Clark Lynch

    • admin says:

      Individuals are elected to represent the people. They are always at risk of being thrown out of office by the voters. Reforms of previous administrations are not sacred. The only permanent law of the United States is the Bill of Rights. America was set up so that reform, repeal, resistance, and even rebellion and revolution are prerogatives of the people. But before any of the extreme forms of change need to be pursued, elections give citizens the ability to get rid of any laws they find oppressive. If that were not the case, slavery would still be the law in the South, and the minimum wage would be 25 cents an hour. Drinking alcohol would be illegal and our officials would be elected by white males only. Thank God our forefathers had the wisdom to create a system that can get rid of bad laws and foolish reforms.


      • Steve says:

        I think the south would disagree with you regarding “and even rebellion and revolution are prerogatives of the people.” Thank goodness the Federal Government prevailed in that conflict. The Big Timber City Council is responding to a very vocal minority. Both side have the “bit in their teeth”. Our country is founded on compromise and majority rule. Perhaps the Dornix Park issue should be put on the ballot, but how much would that cost?

  2. Maggi says:

    This City Attorney has had his fingers in many pies, some of which are in direct conflict with his position with the city. I have been the target of several of his tirades. He roams around town as if he owns it, tells people how it is, how it will be and who does or doesn’t have a chance for justice.

    This man needs to be relieved of his position. Diana Taylor was relieved of her position for these same reasons.

  3. Sally says:

    You are absolutely correct. This person is incompetent and is an impediment to our current City Council. They in effect, have no legal council.

    • steve says:

      Dear Sally,
      NO I think the city attorney gave the City Council good legal advice and if they had followed it the city would not have a lawsuit on their hands. Bill Frazer has actually said very little about Dornix Park until asked a specific question when he said we ( Big Timber ) was the laughing stock of the entire state. If you read the comments in the Billings Gazette web site we are.

  4. Maggi Dunakin says:

    As far as I know, Dornix Park was NEVER brought before the voters. It was escorted through by people that didn’t feel like they needed to know our opinion. This is not the only project these people have done this with (ever heard of Sweet Grass Artists Alliance?). The methodology is shady at best. I see no integrity here.

    The “don’t worry your pretty little head about it” school of politics will not win the election. It offends me more than I can say. We elected this City Council to stop a runaway train. Nobody is disrespecting volunteers. Nobody is a laughingstock. We are fighting for our beliefs AND telling people what we are doing.

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