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More Govt Workers

More Govt Workers

From 2004-2010, a period of overall financial contraction and high unemployment, the State of Montana increased the number of agency employees by 8.8%.  During the same period, the population of Montana grew slightly less than 5%.   Perhaps the most worrying number is this one: for every 80 citizens in Montana (man, woman and child) there is one Montana State Government employee.  Now try to imagine the ratio if federal, city and county employees are added.  Although an exact number is hard to reckon, a very conservative estimate is that there is one city, county, State or Federal employee for every 35 residents of Montana.

Perhaps the number wouldn’t be shocking if government employees all did a vital job.  But how many vital jobs are there?  How much full time help do 35 Montanans need?  How much red tape can we live with?

Have the citizens of Montana have become poorer in the last six years and consequently need more government help?  No.  The State has moved from 40th to 35th in per capita income, registering a gain of almost 25% per household which outpaces inflation.  So why do we need more government?

Montana Government Full Time Employee Growth from 2002-2010 by Agency

Corrections                                                      19.2%

Public Defender                                             6583.3%

Public Health and Human Services        5.5%

Labor and Industry                                       13.2%

Natural Resources and Conservation     14.7%

Fish Wildlife and Parks                                11%

Office of Public Instruction                         32.4%

Justice                                                               5.6%

Environmental Quality                              8.8%

Judiciary                                                         7.8%

Military Affairs                                              14.1%

Revenue                                                           3.4%

Commissioner of Higher Education         15.5%

State Auditor                                                 18.2%

Agriculture                                                     8.1%

Montana School for Deaf and Blind          8.5%

Administration                                             4.4%

Commerce                                                       12%

Legislative Branch                                       3.9%

Historical Society                                         6%

Governor’s Office                                           4.2%

Library Commission                                   7%

Commissioner of Political Practices        20%

Crime Control                                                 5.3%

Consumer Counsel                                        9.9%

Public Service Commission                         0%

Board of Public Education                           0%

Arts Council                                                     0%

Livestock                                                           -2.7%

Transportation                                               -2.4%

Total increase in Government Jobs from 2004 to 2010 = 991

Total percentage increase = 8.8%

Total number of Montana Government Agency Employees in 2010 = 12,256

“I take exception to saying that Bernanke, Obama, Reid and Pelosi are spending like drunken sailors. When I was a drunken sailor, I quit spending when I ran out of money.” ~ Sen. John McCain

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