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A Victory

A Victory

The Voters Won!

It isn’t about the money.  The Liberal machine has been circumventing donation limits since they put them in place.  It is about our free speech and economic freedom.  Trying to take the money out of politics sounds nice but it is like to trying  to take the money out of professional sports-it’s a noble endeavor but not practical or realistic or even desirable.   And according to a series of recent decisions by the U.S. and Montana Supreme Courts, it isn’t constitutional.   Our civic duty requires upholding our end of the deal in a Constitutional Republic to vet and elect  people to office that are there to serve those consenting to be governed.  If the electorate puts people in office who are there to serve themselves and an ever expanding government, liberty is destroyed.  Judging from the state of affairs all across the Country, it is apparent that it is risky NOT to be involved in our own governance.

Montana’s campaign limits were nearly meaningless because they could be easily circumvented.   All savvy political operatives like our current Attorney General Steve Bullock, know exactly how to get around the rules.  According to them, free labor, gratis newspaper endorsements, the use of taxpayer funded government resources and union funds are not campaign donations.  Ordinary citizens have little understanding of the campaign finance laws and that is just the way the politicians want to keep it.  Combine complex campaign laws with “political correctness” and the average citizen has been effectively frustrated and neutralized.  Sound familiar?

It is doubtful the recent decision will stand for long as the state liberal establishment has 30 days to appeal and it will likely be stayed by the District Court or 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco.  Until then, give all you want to your favorite Montana candidate!   Consider how much bad representation has really cost us and what price are we going to pay for not being actively involved with vetting, contributing to, voting for and monitoring our elected representatives.   It’s not too late to make a difference and to make sure the Constitution is the rule of law in Montana.

As predicted, our Montana Attorney General and Candidate for Governor, Steve Bullock, filed an Appeal immediately after the decision.  See below.


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