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The Sweet Grass Roots servant leaders:

Doug Lair

1980 graduate of Boise State University with BBA-Economics degree. Worked three years in Tulsa Oklahoma for HC Oil then to Lair Petroleum, a family owned business founded by Gale Lair. Moved to Billings in 1983 to continue working in the family business. Sold Lair Petroleum in 1989 to W.I. Koch and formed Lair Resource Services. Sold LRS in 1991 to Bob Weinberg a partner in Long Island, New York.  1992 to 1995 worked personal investments, angel financing and bio-med venture capital projects. 1995 became a partner in Wheelsmith Fabrications of Menlo Park, CA and moved the business to Big Timber. Sold to partner Ron McAdams in 1996 and bought Cole Drug and in partnership with Mary Lair and Becky Todisco, successfully operated the business for seven years as the first non-pharmacist owners of the 65 year old business. 2000 to present, invest in commercial and agricultural real estate and operate a small irrigated hay and sheep ranch east of Big Timber. Additionally, 12 years served on the Big Timber Grade School Board of Trustees, also the boards of several private and non- profit organizations.

Married 24 years with three children, one remaining in high school. Wife Mary owns and operates a successful real estate brokerage business. Personal Credo: Do the right thing for the right reason. One of my favorite sayings: Freedom is not free. Core beliefs: Christian Faith-Catholic. Purpose: To serve.

Geoff Goble

For 40 years I have owned, operated, bought, sold, and developed small businesses and commercial property. I have also served on the boards of profit and non profit organizations, acting as secretary and president. I have been married for 43 years and have two adult children.

My ancestors and I have enjoyed over 200 years of freedom and opportunity based on the principles of liberty and responsibility. My intention is to continue making those Constitutional rights, duties and traditions available to every citizen of the Republic.

Robyn Roberts

In 1999, I found my property in Montana.  When I retired, I moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area. Coming to Big Timber felt like coming home, everyone was so helpful and gracious.

Before retiring, I was the Editor of an online site which provides financial information and education.   Prior to working with the financial services site, I was the Founder of a commercial real estate company which serviced the Northern California market.  Much of my work centered around development property for multi-family and high density single family properties although, we serviced all types of commercial real estate transactions.  The first business I opened was was a gift and interior design store also in Northern California.

As a young adult, my time was spent raising my children and living a simple and active family life.  My husband and I enjoy gardening, hiking and riding in the back country.  We both have a great concern for our community and our environment.  We would like to leave it better than we found it without changing its’ extraordinary character and invigorating liberty.


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Sweet Grass County
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Emergencies inside Sweet Grass County dial 911

Sheriff’s Office Dispatch: 406-932-5143
Email the Information Officer

Assessor: 406-932-5149

County Attorney: 406-932-4376

City-County Planning Office: 406-932-5470

Clerk and Recorder: 406-932-5152

Clerk of Court: 406-932-5154

Disaster and Emergency Services: 406-932-5300

Extension Agent: 406-932-5146

Health Department 406-932-5449

Justice of the Peace: 406-932-5150

Road Supervisor: 406-932-5140

Sanitarian: 406-932-5395

Superintendent Of Schools: 406-932-5147

Treasurer: 406-932-5151

Welfare: 406-932-526