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Back On Course

Back On Course

According to the Big Timber Pioneer, it appears there will be many new individuals elected to the Republican Central Committee in Sweet Grass County .  Many incumbents did not re-file which allowed some challengers to run unopposed.  Don Brewer is the only challenger to sitting RCC member and board chairman Rolland Karlin.  Pam Rein was not challenged nor were Roger Indreland, Bonita Cremer and Rocky Heinemann.  All four will keep their seats.

Here is the breakdown:

Precinct 1:
Joe Hensley-unapposed- will replace Joe Todisco
Ranna McCauley-Unapposed-will replace Becky Todisco

Precinct 2:
Rolland Karlin incumbent challenged by Don Brewer
Louise Dribnenki-unapposed-replaces Doris Roots

Precinct 3:
David Holman-unapposed- replaces Chip Roe
Pamela Rein-remains-unapposed

Precinct 4:
Roger Indreland-remains-unapposed
Bonita Cremer-remains -unapposed

Precinct 5:
Rocky Heinemann-remains-unapposed
Becky Frese-unapposed-replaces Jean Duffy

Thanks to each and every one of you for stepping up to serve.  SGCCI thanks those RCC members who have served and  chose not to run again.  There certainly were strongly held differences of opinion on policy and principle, but those who served did so guided by their best judgement.

Not a single person filed for the Democratic Central Committee seats in Sweet Grass County.  That may be because historically, a Democrat could not get elected in Sweet Grass County.  However, we have seen that over time in our county, Democrats have tended to run as Republicans in order to get elected.  The result is the Republican Party has strayed from its conservative platform and Constitutional principles resulting in tremendous confusion and damage to our county, state and republic nation.  Almost no one seems to take to heart their oath to defend the Constitution.  We think this group of committee members will help put the Sweet Grass County GOP back on course.

God Bless America and Sweet Grass County!

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