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City Council Dec 5

City Council Dec 5


We ended the “Dornix Head-Scratcher” post with a promise to inform our readers about things that happen in the City Council meetings that you don’t get in the Pioneer.  On the Agenda for the meeting was an item titled “National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to Digitize BT Pioneer From 1895-1922″.   We must confess we were less than excited to see this item but  a surprise was in store for us.  When it was time for Librarian Kate Lewis to address the Council she began by saying that she was present to inform the Council that the Library was dropping it’s pursuit of this grant.  When she read the grant terms she discovered it would cost $15,000 to get $5,000.  Kate went on to make a point that part of her job description is to secure grant monies for the Big Timber Carnegie Library.  It is significant in that some civic servants have developed a heightened level of awareness about the dangers of over-reliance on grants as a source of funds. Thank you Kate for being a good steward!

Some would like to claim that SGCCI is against all grants.  That is simply not true.  SGCCI believes there is a place for grants in the delivery of public goods and services.  However the practice has been over used and is too often a very dangerous method that leads to dependance on government.  The government is broke but still loves to dole out money belonging to present and future taxpayers.  SGCCI believes that citizens use their money much more wisely and charitably than any government agency.   Gallup released a poll two weeks ago showing 65% of Americans think big government is the greatest threat to our Country (up from 55% in 2008).  You haven’t read much about this in the newspapers either.

We will try to continue to post happenings and insights from the City Council meetings as a service to our readers.

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  1. Maggi Dunakin says:

    Kate Lewis, you rock. Thank you for thinking. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being a true steward. It is rare and I, for one, completely admire you.

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