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Conspiracy Nutcases?

Conspiracy Nutcases?

Unbalanced Okies?

Some residents of Big Timber, and even a City Councilman, have been called wackos and nutcases because they stated that the ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, is linked, if not created by the UN Agenda 21 crowd. Politically correct environmentalists accuse anyone who believes there is a connection as being mentally deficient.  A few months ago at a Big Timber City Council meeting, a retired psychologist asserted that anyone who believed there was a connection between the ICLEI and affiliated organizations and  UN Agenda 21 was a mentally unbalanced, conspiracy nutcase.  She didn’t go so far as to prescribe treatment as confinement to a Soviet style ‘mental health gulag.’   Her message didn’t reach Edmond, Oklahoma.  Our compatriots in that town have put together a challenge that ought to convince ‘gang green’ that our mental balance isn’t endangered and the link between ICLEI and Agenda 21 is undeniable.

Feeling Better Now?

Below is an email from those courageous citizens.

Recently, the folks in Edmond formed a new organization called Govern Edmond Locally(GEL).  Things are going fast and furiously here.  A meeting of the Edmond, OK, Sustainability Network was held at the Edmond Public Library.  There were about 60 in attendance.  The majority sympathized with GEL.  We handed the “Watermelons” their hats and told them to take a walk.   Here are a few good things  that resulted:

The guy who was mayor in 2008 when Edmond signed up to this has read our info and is now against Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. He is saying that city staff misled him and the city council. He has approached two city councilpersons and told them he thinks they should get out of ICLEI asap.

The block grant coordinator is attempting to back pedal. She is the one who misrepresented what ICLEI is to the then mayor and council.

We are going to talk to a local newspaper other than the Edmond Sun and see if we can get them to connect the dots. We think whoever takes the lead on this will come away with a bunch of new subscribers.

We are talking to two state senatorial candidates from Edmond who are running in a special election to fill the seat that was vacated when our previous senator was elected to be lieutenant governor. We think they are sympathetic to our case and may be able to legislate something about this in the new session that starts Feb 1.

On the field of ideas and facts the Sustainability Network cannot win the argument. 

Below is a description of a new program we are working in the name of GEL. We are calling it the GEL Three Click Challenge. We will demonstrate with facts in three clicks of a mouse the incontrovertible link between ICLEI , the UN, and Agenda 21. This challenge can be issued right in the middle of a talk by the other side. It only takes a couple of minutes.

I want to make this like a simple trademark. It is called the GEL “Three Click Challenge.”  That is to say we at GEL will prove our case with facts to all comers in three mouse clicks.

Whenever anyone says that ICLEI is not related to the UN or Agenda 21 our immediate response should be:  “But I can show you in three clicks why that is untrue.” I think we should also refer to it as the GEL Three Click Challenge or something like that so that it gets connected to our organization. It is simple and easy, and, if we have a laptop, can be done on the spot.

Go to
Chose “Programs”
Scroll down and choose “Agenda 21″

Notice that the Agenda 21 page has the UN symbol at the top.  Also notice the title at the top of the Agenda 21 page tying “Sustainable Development” to it.

Done, case closed, the dots are connected!  More to come.

Robert & Kaye 

P.S. To see a Montana reaction to ICLEI, click here.

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