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County Debt /Updated 10-17-10

County Debt /Updated 10-17-10

Dear Voters,

With all the new revenue from Stillwater mine, the new Subdivisions, and the high-end homes, by now Sweet Grass County should have a balanced budget. Instead, the County still has a $2,206,330.00 debt, and we’re paying over $100,000 a year for interest on this debt.  That’s over $100 per year per family in the County.  THAT DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE TO RETIRING THE 2 MILLON PLUS DEBT!!

Let’s VOTE Bill Wallace for Commissioner and give him a chance to make the best use of our tax money. He can get a lot of bang for our buck. I trust him to make our dollars go as far as possible. We need more Conservative Leadership in City, County, State, and Federal Government offices to rein in the spending. I wanted to point out how important it is to have a Conservative as our Commissioner, some one like Bill Wallace.

Enclosed with this little note is a letter that I personally wrote and mailed to Philip Hathaway (see previous post) on October 1st. There is no malice or lies in my letter to Philip – only straight talk and facts. No outsider wrote this letter. I did. I have lived in Big Timber all my life, and Philip is related to me, so writing the letter did not come easy. It is about right verses wrong, and what is best for our Republic and our community in the long run – for TRUE stability, safety, financial security, and common sense in our community.

Bob Faw

2 Responses to “County Debt /Updated 10-17-10”

  1. Philip Hathaway says:

    First of all I would like to respond by saying I AM NOT blood related to Bob Faw! Bob, Anyway you try to twist it, when I came into office on Jan 1, 2005 the County owed $3,402,830.89 plus $697,742.29 of tax prepayment from the mine, Of which I had nothing to do with incurring this debt! As of today the County owes $2,206,330.38. In 6 years I’ve cut the deficit by $1,894,242.80. Also I have improved the county roads and improve our infrastructure. I can’t believe you can say I am not conservative! I am very careful with decisions that I make about spending County taxpayers money. Please try to be truthful and fair. Also, why did you come to our campaign meeting and collect all the information about our campaign that you could, and then reported back to Wallace’s camp?
    Philip Hathaway

    • Bob Faw says:

      Phil, first of all I didn’t say you were BLOOD related, neither is your wife Mary, but I have a niece that’s married to your brother who calls me Uncle Bob.

      I heard you speak on two different occasions. You said that you balanced the budget, paid off $1.8 M in debt which includes mine pre-tax money. I believe you forgot to tell us that the County still has a $2,206,330.38 debt. You also forgot to tell us that the revenue (taxes,grants,etc) in 05/06 of $10.4 million, has grown to $14.2 million in 09/10. During your term in office revenue has gone up $3.8 million (taxes,grants; other income). Now Let’s review the spending side of the expenditure report. 05/06 spending was $10.5 million, and now 09/10 expenditure of $13.6 million. From 05/06 to 09/10 expenditures have gone up $3 million. How could a Commissioner say he has balanced the budget when revenues have increased by $3.8 M, spending increased by $3 M and we STILL have a $2.2 M debt? The U.S. has a 13 Trillion Dollar deficit. Is that a balanced budget?

      I have spent a lot of time very carefully going thru the budget. I think you have wasted a huge opportunity to relieve the County from debt. Very few Counties have had Stillwater Mine, and all the money they have injected into our budget. You dropped the ball by not getting back to even.

      As far as being truthful and fair goes, Politicians should give us all the facts instead of telling us what they want us to know; pieces of the truth. As for being truthful with you I have, but you have not been so with me. The answer to why I came to your campaign meeting: Remember I voted for you the first time, but many people I talked to had raised issues that made me unsure as to if I had made the right decision. I came to your meeting to get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth. They were telling me stories which didn’t sound like the Phil I thought I knew. After visiting with you and your Dad and after reading the two supposedly vicious attack letters (that weren’t) I came away with the same thoughts as many other people had said. Phil was not worried about Sweet Grass County, but instead Phil was only looking out for Phil. As you know Judy I walked out in the middle of your meeting because it was clear to me they where right. Phil would do or say anything to win the election. There was not one mention of how important your winning would be for Sweet Grass County. It was ALL about Phil. I want someone that will put the County’s best interest above his own personal motives.

      I’ve talked with Bill Wallace, and he’s doing this to serve, he will be taking a decrease in his income just to serve the people of Sweet Grass County. His idea to lower taxes and make better use of our money, and still maintain jobs, and other improvements that can be afforded. Bill clearly thinks his ideas will help the County to be a better place to live. I agree.
      Bob Faw

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