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Voter Integrity Project

Voter Integrity Project

8 people have now committed to be trained.   Please contact Debra Lamm at 406-223-9368.   There is so much riding on this election.
Training info is below.

Sweet Grass County Poll Watcher Training


Montana Voter Integrity Project
Debra Lamm


Poll Watcher Training


September 9, 2012
4:00 – 6:30 PM


208 E 8th Ave
Big Timber, MT

WHY:To protect the integrity of each vote


Presentation and materials provided will help each poll watcher easily learn and access the information needed to assist with the voting process and maintain its integrity. There will be ample time to ask questions throughout the training.


Debra Lamm

or call 406-223-9368

One Response to “Voter Integrity Project”

  1. D. R. Lundy says:

    I did not find the message until late sunday. I am interested in volunteering.

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