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“An ancient philosopher once wrote: “the tale of men is written by a finger of wind upon moving waters”.  Food for thought. And I know that most of us have heard our mothers say it was not polite to point a finger at other folks. There are times however when a pointed finger becomes a tool of enlightenment.  The astute and discerning citizen cannot help but recognize the fingers of the democratic party’s dirty tricks in the Cox-Rehberg contest. I know my opinion on this will anger more than a few Libertarian thinkers who were compelled by conscience to vote as they did. But they did in point of fact vote away any chance of control in the U.S. Senate. The logic of the numbers is inescapable. Mr. Rehberg admittedly has political warts, but he would have been the ‘gate keeper’, halting Obama’s rampant surge to totally control the Senate and thereby the U.S. Supreme court, stacking the deck so to speak, removing the last few safeguards of the Republic.

History recalls that Judas in his remorse hanged himself. I suspect that was a bit extreme and has probably gone out of style, so, Mr. Cox and his loyal followers must needs cower in dark corners and content themselves with gnawing on their fingers and find what solace they can in counting their thirty pieces of silver.  Privately, I cannot help but wonder what Mr. Cox was offered by his handlers, the shady backroom folks, to induce a man of decent enough stature, to pursue a course he could not help but understand was unwinnable and held such catastrophic consequences. The number of votes cast in his name tell their own story, and point their own finger needing little further help from me.

Folks who know me are aware I hold a deep and abiding pride in my home state and faith in its people, that faith has been shaken and it will be a long time before I can look on my neighbors in that same way again. Knowing that Montana cast the votes that will likely lead to the eventual demise of the Republic is not an easy thing to deal with. However, I can look myself in the mirror and know I did the right thing and owe apologies to no one.

There are other faces in other mirrors who will know they cannot and point their own fingers of guilt for a long time to come.  Rest in peace Montana.”

D. R. Lundy

ADMIN note:  SGCCI often posts articles by writers who have similar but not exactly the same views.  We appreciate Mr. Lundy’s candor and agree with much that he writes, but we do not necessarily agree with all of his statements.





4 Responses to “FINGERS”

  1. michael clark says:

    Mr Rehberg lost my vote by the stupid things he did and if he could not get enough votes to beat Mr Tester, why do you want to blame us who stood up for our values and vote for someone and something we believe in?
    Michael Clark

  2. kevin says:

    I have to disagree with my friend Mr. Lundy. The raw numbers may make his argument but there is much more to this. This premise makes a very big assumption that these voters would have voted for Denny had Cox not been in the race; maybe, maybe not. What caused Brad Johnson’s loss? Derek Skees?
    For the past few years the Republican establishment has alienated the Tea Party. Tea Party legislators were rejected. I wonder how many votes that cost the Republicans?
    Ron Paul supporters (Republicans) were treated very poorly during the primary and convention and told they weren’t needed or wanted.More lost votes?
    When a finger is being pointed three are pointing back. The Republicans might want to take a long look at there arrogance and poor leadership.

  3. kevin says:

    The devastation of losing the Senate with Testers win is a bit questionable as well, sorry Dave. Republicans control the House, the House controls the purse strings. If, and it’s a very big if, the Republicans really want to change things they can; don’t fund it. We’ll find out.

  4. admin says:

    From Maggi Dunakin

    If this country is founded on individual rights, as I assume, each of these voters had the right to vote as they saw fit. ANY finger pointing is counter-productive. It does not show us as speaking in truth if we use these tactics. We are ONLY ever responsible for our own behavior.

    I am a Ron Paul supporter. As a Christian, I was compelled to vote for a good, not an evil. It was the same in the state races. I’m sorry, folks, if you see this as some kind of turncoat position, but the truth is, I answer to a higher authority.

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