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God & Guns

God & Guns

Election Post Mortem

Why did Romney concede so quickly the night of the election?   Very strange.  Obama did not win a single state where voter ID was required.  There were hundreds of reports about malfunctioning voting machines and outright voter fraud was reported in numerous places across the Country.  It is plausible that this election was stolen by the sinister forces behind the Obama machine.

One thing is certain: we can be proud of Montana.   Obama lost in Montana and Sweet Grass County!

Somewhere upwards of  50% of Montana residents rely directly on government money in one form or another.  At last count we in Montana get back $1.47 for every dollar we send to the Feds.  Even with this degree of dependency, 55% of Montanans understand Obama’s policies are bad for America and  Montana.  And they voted that way.

There are bright spots in the election.  Daines,  Fox and Faw all won.  Daines’ win is good but not critical because of the existing Conservative majority in the House of Representatives.

The Fox win for Montana State Attorney General is critical.  Tim Fox will now be the only firewall between us and the corrupt Bullock machine.  Fox’s role as AG will also help insulate Montana from further attacks on our freedoms from the Obama administration.  Pray hard and often for Tim Fox.

The Faw win is good for Sweet Grass County and will put a true public servant in office.  A 499  vote winning margin is significant.

We are disappointed that Rick Hill lost.  It will make for a very contentious legislative session.  New House and Senate Leadership is paramount.    Essmann and Wittich  would provide excellent Senate leadership and Blasdel in the House.    Perhaps some Republican candidates were not attractive enough to Montana voters.  That is a correctable problem.   As we have seen in Sweet Grass County, many  state Republicans cross over  and vote with the Democrats.  Voting records don’t lie.  Do your homework starting this January for the 2013 Legislative Session.

Most of America’s big city dwellers do not share our values.  In fact, after the Obama win we feel like strangers in our own Country.  We are.  We are the people who “cling to God and guns”  and our Constitution.  We have now been isolated and marginalized by the Chicago thugs and their machine. (admin note: we use the word Thugs intentionally.  Read about their history and marvel about the similarity of methods by clicking here)  It is ironic that the social liberals and fellow travelers somehow think the beast won’t eventually turn on them.  They can’t see the truth revealed by history because they are wearing ideological blinders and quite literally are blinded by our Creator God for the good purpose of rousting the rest of us from our slumber.  So, we must stand firm in the Truth but also be  loving.

Will any God-fearing person please explain to me how you can cast your vote for a man that despises the Founding Principles of this Country, does not value Truth, hates what the United States stands for, has no respect for innocent lives of the unborn, wants to take from those that work and give to those that won’t, and is willing to sacrifice the lives of our diplomats and military to fan the flames of radical Islam?  What are you people thinking?

Obama is intentionally destroying our Country from within.  He and his thuggish machine are powerful.  But not all powerful.

We need not whisper in the dark about secession and the civil war that would likely follow.  Our Declaration of Independance  “hold(s) these truths to be self evident,….” A peaceful secession seems unlikely and Americans killing Americans is too horrible to contemplate.  Either American values will survive, or the Great Experiment will fail.

We have genuine hope.  We will continue to work. Truth is on our side.  God reigns supreme.

It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible. -George Washington shown with one hand on the Bible and the other on his sword.


3 Responses to “God & Guns”

  1. Terry Amadon says:

    My first ancestor here beat the landing on Plymouth Rock by 6 years. A Great+ Grandfather, Samuel, fought in the Revolution. My Grandfather and great uncles fought for Mr Lincoln. With the sacrifices and struggles in mind that heroes and common folk alike have endured in our nation’s history, I believe that it is not an option for our Republic to be converted and perverted into a Godless, socialist gulag ruled by the elite. And while I do not personally advocate violence, I would not turn away in the face of adversity, but rather follow in the footsteps of my betters, for those that would lead us down the path away from our Constitution are not true Americans, and therefore not subject to being described as such. We have come too far in this great country to let her be undermined and transformed by the ideas, ideals, and petty ideologies of thugs, tyrants, and opportunistic miscreants who are tolerant of everything except disagreement in philosophies. Would Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson yield in the face of these adversities and let the great experiment fail? I think not!

    • rich christ says:

      Obama will destroy this country in 2 years or less. Either by another false flag like 9/11 or the collapse of our monetary system. Look at the number of executive orders he has signed in the last 2 years alone. He has had a taste of being the most powerful man in the world and he will do anything to keep it. He will declare marshal law and he will be the dictator. I said it before and I will say it again, he is a Muslim. “For those who have fought for it—Freedom has a taste the protected will never know”

  2. Maggi Dunakin says:

    “Americans killing Americans is too horrible to contemplate”

    We are killing each other right now. Just not cleanly, facing front. Nor quickly, offering compassion or mercy.

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