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To the Montana Legislators listed in the previous post,

Like all of you, Judy and I have returned home from the 62nd Legislature worn out, waiting and watching the Governor’s actions on the remaining bills and decompressing from the overall experience. It was a life-changing experience for us.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work and for serving our state using Constitutional Principles and the will of those who sent you as your compass.  You took the High Road.  We came to be the “scorekeepers” and you all have demonstrated a commitment to less spending , smaller government and more personal freedoms and personal responsibility. We are very thankful for your hard work in the legislature and with more like-minded folks like you, and good leadership, we can re-make and restore the Republican Party to its original platform of living within our means, smaller government and more personal freedoms. The future of our state and our country depends on this.

Regarding leadership, it became painfully clear early on that we had a tremendous challenge in that RINO/Neocon leadership was intent on taking all of you down the same old path of more spending and larger government by compromising and co-opting all of you. God Bless you for standing firm for Constitutional Principles and protecting the future of our children and grand-children. It is clear to us that our future lies with all of you. We need you back in Helena and we need you in leadership positions. And yes, we need more Constitutional Patriots but leadership is the key. If we had the proper leadership, the outcomes of the 62nd Legislature could have been much different.
Please do not lose heart. We are on a journey. We need sound leadership more Constitutionally minded citizens to serve our state and country-people that care most about serving those that sent them, not about re-election. They are out there and they are regular citizens, just like yourselves that have awakened to the treacherous situation we are in and want to serve in order to preserve this great state and country for our children and grandchildren. We simply cannot leave our future generations with the legacy of debt enslavement and loss of freedoms they currently face-we must not leave them this legacy!

Again, Thank You and God Bless one and all for your great service and sacrifice. We look forward to seeing you all down the trail in this great state of Montana!

Bob and Judy Faw
SGCCI Founding Members
Bob Faw
Geoff Goble
Doug Lair
Gale Lair
Robyn Roberts

Here is an email list of our valient legislators who stuck with their principles:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

One Response to “Gratitude/Leadership”

  1. Kevin says:

    A job well done to all of you too. Thank-you for your tireless effort and spirit. I know that was a big help to these legislators as well, and a tremendous credit to your community. Great leaders, great job.I feel very proud just to be associated with all of you.
    A special kudo to Bob and Judy, wow, what an effort.It was great to see two citizens from little old Big Timber stir up the big boys like that, but you certainly did.Great work.

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