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Heroism In the ‘Stan

Heroism In the ‘Stan

I went on a mission the other day and it actually got video taped. The area looked bad when we got there but it looks CREEPY in the video because it’s black and white – some static off and on. It looks like Dracula’s castle on top of the mountain. The aircraft put one wheel on the road that was cut out of the mountain which left a large burm along the road. It looks like the helicopter is resting its nose on it but it’s not.

We went to pick up Afghan National Army guys that were injured but we still don’t trust them. No US forces on the ground….that’s why the Apaches are there to cover our backs. Some of the locals helped get them back up to their compound…up the mountain…for their safety til we got there. You can hear the Apache pilots that were video taping it, saying that we will land ANYWHERE and when they realized we only had one wheel down instead of two wheels, they said that we were CRAZY – hee hee.

I was in the middle of the group of them and the language barrier is so funny. They were trying to communicate with me that one guy was dead and the other guy was hurt but my crew chief yelled HURRY UP so I brought the dead guy with me to confirm his death on the aircraft and one other injured guy. You can see me heading down the road back to the aircraft with about 15 guys trailing behind me.

Once the patients were loaded and I was directing some of the guys away from the aircraft before I jumped in, the pilot said something like: What the (blank) is HE doing??? One guy that helped get the patients to the aircraft, who was originally behind me walking down the road to the aircraft, decided to jump up on the burm and there he was, up on the burm, taking pics of the mountains with his cell phone….NOT EVEN THE AIRCRAFT or anything like that!!!! Apparently, he has never been that far up and wanted pics. That dumbass didn’t know it but he was trying to double the on ground death count – RETARD.  (She writes in a later Email) After we got back I thought I should have shot him right there on the spot.  Idiot!

On the video, you see the guy jump up and then my helmet pops into view. A split second later dude is off the burm. It’s good stuff. I didn’t care if I broke his camera or cell or whatever it was. His head was 6″ from the blades from what the pilot told me later….if he had taken one more step, he would have automatically died. When my helmet pops out, you see me real still for a second….I had to look at him, where he stood, and the blades, so I could figure out how to snatch him down from the burm.

If he leaned forward or leaned back when I grabbed him, then he would have lost his head. I had to pull him straight down from the burm. Interesting split second decision making going on there….He was just a local guy who helped the injured ANA (Afghan National Army) guys up the mountain. He was being helpful and thought he could snag some pics but he got tackled by a female – HA. My guys were saying that he’ll probably get stoned for having a female physically assault him during Ramadan….too funny. He just didn’t have a clue how close he was to meeting Allah….

It was ALOT to happen in about 4 minutes from the time the wheel landed to the time we took off…crazy shit. The pilots and the crew chiefs know how serious it was and they’re serious about some awards for me – HA. I had the chaplain’s assistance flag on board that mission….I just connected that, no wonder it went well for that guy. Wow!!!! Divine intervention at its finest…chills down the back….

Pretty cool, huh??? I was told that they were going to add it to some video that they are compiling for show when we get back – HA. I’ll get a copy of the video tape at the end of the deployment – SWEEEET. They want to do a safety certificate for me (nicely framed), a safety award of some kind, and maybe even a medal. I told them the certificate would be great, please, and thank you – hee hee.


Have a blessed day!!!!

Staff Sergeant (Name Withheld), Flight Medic, USA, Afghanistan, August 2012


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