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Rick-What Did You Sign?

Rick-What Did You Sign?

We couldn’t help but marvel at Rick Jarrett’s Letter to the Editor in this week’s Big Timber Pioneer.

Rick is a credible guy-no doubt-but his attempt to put Commissioner Write-In candidate Elaine Allestad in the same political camp as Commissioner candidate Bob Faw was laughable.

Rick stated Bob and Elaine’s politics “are not that far apart”.  Well that could only be true if Bob had stated something publicly along the lines of “hey, I’ve decided to run for the the Democrats’ who don’t have a voice in this county” or “geez, I’m running for the county employees ’cause we’re all such great friends and we have so  much fun at work creating government jobs and spending all this money at our disposal”.  Can anyone reading this imagine Bob Faw saying such a thing?

Anyone that knows Bob knows he doesn’t play fast and loose with facts.  We wouldn’t want to bet against him.  As far as playing fast and loose with people’s reputations, it is our experience he has been a gentleman and respectful.  He didn’t make a fuss in the debate and use the “liar” word.

As far as the “group” that Bob is associated with-apparently Mr. Jarrett has been spending too much time with his sheep and watching herd animals.  There is a significant  “group” of citizens in this city, county, state and Country that are fed up with all the hogs at the trough being put on our kids’ and grandkids’ feed bill.  If this is sensational manipulation to Mr. Jarrett, he needs to get out more and see the movie “2016”.  Seems to me the sensational manipulation prize goes to Mr. Jarrett and of course President Obama.

We suggest the voters reject ALL of the hogs at the trough.  Our Country is on the brink of financial disaster and our county will suffer along with everyone.  It appears it’s just what Elaine and her Obama Democrats want for us all.  Think about that when you cast your vote and after the elections remember it’s “We the People” so please get involved in our governance before it’s too late and we lose the FREEDOM to do so.


If anyone would like a DVD copy of the movie 2016, please let us know.  We have a couple available.  The only condition is that you pass it on once you’ve seen it.  -Admin


Compliments of the Sweet Grass County Republican Central Committee




4 Responses to “Rick-What Did You Sign?”

  1. rick jarrett says:

    I’m glad I’ve got your attention. It means at least that you haven’t been on the locoweed long enough to forget how to read. And, yes, I have been a sheepherder all my life and I thought I had done a better job of keeping you guys off the loco. Once a sheep gets loco-ed she loses her ability to function properly. I surely wish you would put this rhetoric in a letter to the Editor of the Pioneer because it again shows your vast lack of knowledge of politics in Sweet Grass County.

  2. maziel says:

    Well done. Darn. Now if I could only vote in Sweet Grass County – I have a real soft spot for your county. Unfortunately, I’m about 1700 miles away.

    Corrupt scalawags are being taken to task here too, by people who are waking up. You can’t ignore it with their in-your-face attitudes. “They” think they can get away with murder, literally. I think maybe that Benghazi will crush a lot of socialist/progressives. Their best fella is being implicated in gun running by supplying arms to Syria through Al Qaeda and we’re gonna whoop his hide in a very short time – if not by impeachment, then by the ballot.

  3. admin says:

    Dear Rick,

    You miss the point. You made the laughable statement in your letter to the editor that Bob Faw and Elaine Allestad’s politics are not that different and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The difference is like night and day beginning with Bob being the only Republican in the race and Elaine is an independent
    write-in running for the Democrats who don’t have a voice.


  4. rich christ says:

    I too read the article and was puzzled by the statement “not that far apart” Not sure what Rick was trying to say other than Bob was not fit for the job. I think he is Dick

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