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Hilltop Public Solutions

Hilltop Public Solutions

Hilltop Public Solutions should be in the all time top ten of  progressive misnomers.  Hilltop must refer to Washington D.C.  Big government supporters always portray themselves as occupying the high ground.  Public implies open and transparent, two qualities HPS does not possess nor do progressives genuinely espouse.  Solutions is the biggest deception of them all unless you think progressivism, socialism and big government solve things.

Hilltop Public Solutions is not on the moral or any other high ground, it is not public and it is not a solution.  It is another dark money, union oriented group designed to take away the taxpaying citizen’s freedoms and further the progessive lock on power in Montana politics.

If you think Hilltop is the “bi-partisan” outfit they claim to be, check out the candidates their team worked for before joining HPS (click here).

On Valentines’ Day SGCCI posted an article on the shenanigans of HPS and Governor Bullock (click here to read it).   On March 15, James Pennington of Billings filed a 277 page formal complaint against Governor Steve Bullock and Hilltop Public Solutions (click here to read it).  

For a long time the direction of American politics has been away from God, town hall,  grassroots citizens, and into the courthouse.  For decades progressives and environmental groups have used the courts to attack their opponents-much of the time with taxpayer dollars!  Although we lament the drift from public debate to legal contortions, we applaud Mr. Pennington’s effort.  Maybe a taste of their own medicine will weaken the progressive’s propensity to govern by means of the activist/liberal judicial branch.  We hope so.  Mr. Penningtons’ complaint reads like a who’s who of the Montana/D.C. axis of the progressive election machine:

  • Friends of Steve Bullock-Bullock for Gov. (Steve Bullock, Kevin O’Brien, Melanie Brock, Eric Ohlsen)
  • Build Montana PAC, MT-AFL-CIO, MEA-MFT (Chris Cavazos)
  • MEA-MFT COPE (Eric Burke, Build MT PAC Contributor, Element Design IE)
  • Montana Jobs, Education and Technology PAC (Ed Logan, Mike Lamb, Harper Lawson)
  • Montana Conservation Voters-MCV Action Fund (Committee of MCV Board, Julia Page, Theresa Keaveney)
  • Planned Parenthood Advocacy of MT (Suzi Kopec, Stay Anderson, Molly Bell, Libby Smelker)
  • Democratic Governors Assoc. of MT (Benjamin Metcalf)
  • Montana Democratic Party (Jim Elliot)
  • Big Sky Democrats (Anna O’Brein, Kevin O’Brein, Molly Bell, Melanie Brock)
  • Forward Montana Board (Molly Bell, Aaron Browning, Chris Cavazos)

Mr. Pennington also names political consultants:

  • Hilltop Public Solutions (Barrett Kaiser, Mo Elleeithee, Molly Bell, Marco Guido, Eric Ohlsen, Libby Smelker)
  • Three Point Media (Mo Elleeithee)
  • Brushfire Strategies (Marco Guido)
  • Greenlight Median Strategies (Hilltop’s NY Address)
It will be interesting to see the response of the State’s new Attorney General, Tim Fox.  He is a Republican (the only one holding a major office in the state) and a decent man known for doing the right things for the right reasons.  Will he prosecute the Governor? We don’t know.  In any case the facts are a challenge for Governor Bullock.  He has been preaching and drafting laws against the very  actions he is alleged to have taken.  Stay tuned!
  • Steve Bullock, Hilltop and the MT Dem Party?  Or are they


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