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Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Politicians are not perfect.  But some Montana legislators were very nearly so in their adherance to conservative principles.  There will probably be many more honorable legislators in the next session because there will be a new, genuinely conservative leadership.  Here is a list of those courageous Senators and Representatives who stood up and voted with their conscience.  We urge you to email them with your thanks.

Grey Hinkle, Senate District 7, Thompson Falls. ghinklesd7@gmail.com

Joe Balyeat, Senate District 34, Bozeman. joebalyeat@yahoo.com

Jon Sonju, Senate District 4, Kalispell. sonjumt@yahoo.com

Jason Priest, Senate District 30, Red Lodge. jason@priest2010.com

Ed Walker, Senate District 29, Billings. ewalker@edwalker2010.com

Art Wittich, Senate District 35, Bozeman. senatorwittich@montana.com

Carmine Mowbray, Senate District 6, Polson.  clarity@cyberport.net

Krayton Kerns, House District 58, Laurel. Krayton@KraytonKerns.org

Dan Kennedy, House Distict 57, Laurel. dan@votedankennedy.com

Bob Wagner, House District 71, Harrison. bobwagner4leg@yahoo.com

Alan Hale, House District 77, Basin. alangail.38@wildblue.net

Dan Skattum, House District 62, Livingston. skattum@wispwest.net

James Knox, House District 47, Billings.  james@vote4knox.com

Jerry Bennett, House District 1, Libby. jbenhd1@hotmail.com

Champ Edmunds, House District 100, Missoula.  champ.edmunds@yahoo.com

Derek Skees, House District 4, Whitefish. derekskees@gmail.com

Lee Randal, House District 39, Broadus.  leerandall_2008@hotmail.com

Cary Smith, House District 35, Billings. cary@bresnan.net

Michael More, House District 70, Gallatin Gateway.  mp_more@yahoo.com

Mark Blasdel, House District 10, Somers.  mblasdel@bresnan.net

Mike Miller, House District 84, Helmville. mike4hd84@blackfoot.net

Ryan Osmundson, House District 29, Buffalo.  ryanosmundson@gmail.com

Gordon Vance, House District 67, Bozeman.  vancehd67@gmail.com

Joanne Blyton, House District 59, Joliet.  dblyton@aol.com

Jerry O’Neil, House District 3, Columbia Falls.  oneil@centurytel.net

Tom Burnett, House District 63, Bozeman.  tburnetthd63@hotmail.com

Bill Harris, House District 30, Mosby.  bharris@midrivers.com

Or if you would prefer to thank these stalwart patriots as a group, here is a combined email list:

leerandall_2008@hotmail.com; cary@bresnan.net; clarity@cyberport.net; ghinklesd7@gmail.com; joebalyeat@yahoo.com; sonjumt@yahoo.com; jason@jasonpriest2010.com; ewalker@edwalker2010.com; senatorwittich@montana.com; Krayton@KraytonKerns.org; dan@votedankennedy.com; bobwagner4leg@yahoo.com; alangail.38@wildblue.net; skattum@wispwest.net; james@vote4knox.com; jbenhd1@hotmail.com; champ.edmunds@yahoo.com; derekskees@gmail.com; mp_more@yahoo.com; mblasdel@bresnan.net; mike4hd84@blackfoot.net; ryanosmundson@gmail.com; vancehd67@gmail.com; dblyton@aol.com; oneil@centurytel.net; tburnetthd63@hotmail.com; bharris@midrivers.com

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