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How much was that?

The charge that San Francisco has been stiffing social-welfare spending in favor of what homeless advocates sneer at as the “sacred cows” of police and fire protection is absurd. In fiscal year 2009, the city spent $175 million on homelessness—that’s $26,865 on each of the city’s 6,514 “homeless” persons, the majority of whom are housed in city-subsidized lodgings. Its police budget was $442 million, or $52 per San Franciscan. The gargantuan outlay for the homeless has done little to dent the vagrancy problem.

From The Wall Street Journal, 10/2/10

One Response to “How much was that?”

  1. Maggi Dunakin says:

    The thing we keep forgetting is that when you change a person’s heart, you change the world. We continue to throw money at things to clean up the mess. We need to focus on growing good, happy, self-confident people. When we do this (in the home, not the school or as well as the school), we have less messes to clean up. Since the 60’s, we seem to have just given up.

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