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Letter? What Letter?

Letter? What Letter?

The following letter was sent to the Big Timber Pioneer over a week ago, in plenty of time to include it in the Letters to the Editor section.  If you read that section, you will see that ALL of the letters support the candidate opposing Cindy Selensky.  You will also notice that edition of the Pioneer is the LAST one before the election.  Apparently Representative Kerns does not represent anyone.

Dear Editor:

Elected Democrats fully endorse the wealth redistribution principles of Marxism, while 50 percent of Republicans fully endorse the principles of compromise. This means an overwhelming majority of politicians trade freedom for the misperception security can be found in servitude to big government. This is infuriating to those who cherish liberty, but the only possible way to right our ship is to replace liberal Republicans with constitutional Republicans. Forget the Democrats; their wagon is already smashed at the bottom of the cliff.

During my service in the legislature, Republicans held the majority three times, once by an enormous 68-32 split, yet we conservatives have played defense the entire time. Unfortunately, the progressive wing of the Republican Party consistently votes with the Democrats to grow government at every level from county offices through the state legislature all the way to Washington D.C. Our battle to restore America is fought in the GOP primary election, so voters must retire progressives and support conservatives. To support any candidate, who does not believe in limited government, means we will spend our way into slavery. Elect Cindy Selensky to the county commission and if she proves not to be a constitutional conservative, un-elect her next time. It is simple really. The incumbent’s voting record is known, but there are times where the unknown is preferred over the known.   This is one of those times.

Krayton Kerns, Rep. HD #5  For more about Representative Kerns click here.




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  1. rich christ says:

    they refuse to print some of my letters also

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