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Some candidates for City Council call themselves ‘non-partisan.’  However, nearly all elections are partisan. Anyone who says they aren’t just doesn’t know contemporary politics or the definition of “partisan” (One who takes the side of or strongly supports a side, a party or another person).  Sadly, candidates who say they are non-partisan usually mean “I know what’s best so if you argue with me you are divisive.”  In our present political environment, partisan politics frequently bring the daily functions of local government to a halt, just as we have seen at the Federal level. One would assume that local government concerns don’t have a lot to do with Republican or Democrat issues.  Local water, sewer and street maintenance hardly seem to lend themselves to partisanship.  And that would be true if it were not for a small group of citizens here in Big Timber. They are the people who attend the City Council meetings with ill manners and voice recorders; want to spend money we don’t have; and want to create more government control and diminish self-sufficiency. They are the people listed on the Dornix Park lawsuit filed against the City. Their “agenda” is much more likely to have negative social and political ramifications.

Everyone knows which candidates are backed by which parties. What is apparently missed by many is the extreme behavior of this sophisticated and tight group of liberals who insinuate themselves into as much of Big Timber and Sweetgrass County government as they can.  Folks, that is partisan.  Ideally, non partisan officials represent the actual needs of their constituents. The supposed lack of obligation to a specific party should bring principled individuals to the attention of the voters, individuals who strongly believe in liberty and the responsibility that comes with it.  That concept is sadly out of date.  It seems few strive to carry out their oath of office especially the covenant they make to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Instead, we have a group of people in public office that seem unaware of the meaning of their oath or they simply ignore their oath and provide their own interpretation of what is good for us all.  They are quite willing to take our freedom and give it to an over-protective and over-reaching government in exchange for debt.  This debt is then spent on programs that increase in size and cost and create even more dependence on government (i.e FEMA).  Why is such a clear path to slavery so appealing?  Clearly, slavery is not dead.

In Sweet Grass County the facts are evident.  We have witnessed extreme behavior from this progressive group in their effort to impose their political philosophy on all citizens of Big Timber. Our current City Council and County Commissioners appear to be unaware of this reality and continue to play their game.  The freedom loving citizens of Big Timber, especially those committed to the cherished ideas of “non-partisanship” and upholding the Constitution are the losers.

Time and time again local business owners say: “I am afraid to speak out because it will hurt my business.”  If we continue to allow this group of progressives to impose their agenda, there won’t be any businesses to worry about.  Most storefronts, if occupied, will be government agencies and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) providing handouts of some sort.   We, the majority, will be forced to live in a heavily socialized system and controlled by bureaucrats we never knowingly chose.  And they will call themselves “Non-Partisan.”


A Non-Partisan



2 Responses to “Non-Partisan?”

  1. Maggi Dunakin says:

    Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for this article. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say. These people continue to insist that what they are doing, they are doing for “the community” or “the people”. 4 to 10 people that show up to public government meetings only when they have a specific project, then walk out when their “business” is done (while the meeting is still in progress) is NOT the people. These rude, loud, disrespectful specimens that talk out of turn, over other people who have the floor, wear sunglasses indoors at night and put their feet up on others’ chairs DO NOT represent anyone but themselves.

    I know “the people” and these are not they. The true people welcomed Jim and I when we moved to Big Timber 17 years ago. We put on community productions and dinners together. We laughed and cried together. When one of us had a problem, we turned out in force to make it better. This is the community. THIS is why Big Timber WAS a great place to be. I am shocked and horrified that some of these very friends and neighbors are now working to enslave us all. And calling us hate-mongers into the bargain.

  2. Wonderful article! I am aware of those unsavory, scalawag socialists in the Dornix Park development debacle…all the way here to the swampland of nw Florida.

    I fully support the death of Agenda 21 all across America and the ouster of the UN from American soil. We are seeing it here, too.

    If a little gun shop in TX can prohibit service to liberals and Muslims from shopping there, dear Sweetgrass County you might take a lesson from it.×5041503

    And remember this (something I read tonight on the GOA alert)…If Obama Fails, America Survives.

    Be strong, be tough, be creative, stand together. And never, EVER, give up. We are fighting much more than this dreary little group, but all politics is local.

    Get the job done. I’ll see you in the spring.

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