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Open Letter to Big Timber

Sweet Grass Council for Community Integrity
Open Letter to the Community of Big Timber

Last week, The Big Timber Pioneer published SGCCI’s mission statement.  That statement has lofty goals and language that might seem unrealistic to some readers but keep in mind we simply modeled our mission using the basic tenets of our Constitution.  Our Founding Fathers said it so eloquently.  We are inspired by their work and decided it is better to have high aims than low aspirations.

One of the most important behaviors we aspire to is civil debate.  It is a common human weakness to vilify those who disagree with our opinions and principles.  We intend to respect the opinions of those who disagree with us but we also intend to firmly and politely challenge those who do not share our principles. We understand that people with different opinions than ours hold their opinions with deep sincerity and genuine concern for their fellow citizens.   We hope they recognize that we have the same depth of conviction.

The give and take of reasoned argument, even when heated, is healthy for the body politic as long as both parties remain polite and mature.  Those qualities are sometimes lost in debate.  For our part, we resolve to make every effort to respect those who oppose and dispute us.  All of us fail from time to time, but the Sweet Grass Council for Community Integrity does not condone vilification, personal attack or slander by its members.  We ask for the help of God to maintain ethical behavior and loving kindness.  The Council has adopted a guide and seal.  Let this verse from Psalms 25: 9 be our motto:  “God will guide the meek in justice; and He will teach the meek His way.” Psalms 25: 9.

May God Bless America.