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Our Mission Statement

Sweet Grass Council For Community Integrity

Mission Statement

The members of the Council have assembled because of the urgent need of the citizens of the County to re-establish and protect their rights and interests as defined by the founding fathers of this nation.  To that end the SGCCI intends to support rational and limited local government whose entire purpose is to insure the liberty, safety and independence of those consenting to be governed.  The Council will insure that elected and appointed officials and citizen boards are accountable to the public trust.

Although State, national and international concerns and events may influence the actions of the SGCCI, its area of operation is almost entirely within Sweet Grass County.  The Council of local citizens is determined to preserve and implement the fundamental principles of the American Republic within this County.  This does not prohibit the council from giving or receiving aid and advice to or from any other region within the United States.  The aim of the Council is to support clear, limited and sound laws and ordinances, based on the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence and in no way contradictory or confusing to those documents

These actions and demeanors are to be exercised with utmost moral awareness.  Double-dealing, deception, untruthfulness or any other spiritual or moral laxity in public affairs shall be avoided at all costs.  Honor, sincerity and uprightness are the Council’s guides, and trust in God is its seal.

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