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Pig Tales

Pig Tales

The Montana Policy Institute has done it again.  This year’s Montana Pig Tales, Wasted Treasure in the Treasure State, is a gold mine of information about how the State of Montana spends our money.  Did you know that Montana gets back $1.77 in Federal money for every dollar its’ residents pay in taxes?  That’s up about 15% from last year.   While State workers for Economic Development actually DISAPPEARED between 2002 and 2011, General Government workers shot up from 1,375 in 2002 to 2,596 in 2011, a whopping 88% increase.  Compare that to a liberally estimated overall population increase of about 5%.   You can find that information, along with how much each state gets back and who gets the highest government salaries in Pig Tales  (click here).  The report has 49 pages of information every voter in Montana ought to know.  We hope you’ll have a good look at it.


When the pigs are flying high, you know we’re in trouble.

One Response to “Pig Tales”

  1. Maggi Dunakin says:

    When we talk about people who live on the government dollar, we often overlook the people who are working for the government. This is a travesty.

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