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Play Nice

Play Nice

This “put the nice in Big Timber” campaign is ridiculous and rude. The nice has been alive and well for generations in Big Timber. It is how we who came from elsewhere decided to relocate here. Big Timber’s niceness is legendary. Or should I say was legendary.

I think the precise moment the nice left Big Timber is when $50,000 of the taxpayers money was, shall we say, “appropriated” and put directly in the pocket of an architectural firm (not local, by the way) for a coffee table book called Dornix Park Master Plan. Further niceness left when 50 or so people stormed the City Council demanding their “rights” to an $18 million dollar park. Even more nice left when this group of park supporters sued the city because they couldn’t have their way. Never mind that nobody else besides about 25 of these 50 people even heard of this ridiculous park before our money was taken. Also disregard that the other 1550 people in this community didn’t want this park boondoggle. This small group of park people insist they have a right to this and other non-profit ventures that continually drain this town/state/country’s meager resources while not putting anything in. And we are just mean for not giving them every little thing they demand. As the cherry on the top of this niceness sundae, two local lawyers travel around the state trash talking Big Timber only to return and tell us how much everybody out there hates us.

That the perpetrators of all this kindness are now calling for “nice” to be restored to Big Timber is adding insult to injury. Nice was here when I got here. It was here when you got here. Now it is gone. Hmmmm. I challenge each and every plaintiff on the lawsuit against the city to put something into the community instead of constantly draining it off. Maybe start a business. Maybe pay some taxes. Maybe sit through a City Council meeting or twelve that don’t feature their latest “must have”. There is actual business being taken care of in there that concerns all of us.

Have you ever heard that charity begins at home? Actually everything begins there. Talking about nice isn’t the same thing as being nice.

Maggi Dunakin
January 2012

Editor’s note: The opinion held by Maggi Dunakin is generally shared by SGCCI.  Her manner of expressing it is entirely her own.

One Response to “Play Nice”

  1. I love BT, love how I’m treated when I’m there, I’ve made several friends there and can fully understand the selfish arrogance of a few to bend you to their way.

    No, Dornix people. If you love sustainable living, fear global warming, global cooling, and the biggy – Carbon Dioxide which provides to you not a cloud overhead that will choke you, but the oxygen you breathe in a system too difficult for you to believe or comprehend that is taught in grammar school called photosynthesis; that which take in carbon dioxide, nourishes green, living things, like grass and trees, the things you eat, and exchanges it for OXYGEN.

    If you want a park, buy the property,
    and finance it yourself. Build it, manage it yourselves, charge admission. Pay taxes, employ some locals. Do something really good – take care of your neighbors.

    I’ll take BT just the way it is.

    See you in the spring! I’ll be the old, chubby broad with the camera.

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