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Revolution, Apathy or Anger?

Revolution, Apathy or Anger?

In the last week or so three potentially monumental events occurred.

1) New legal provisions concerning Homeland Security which violate the Constitutional rights of American Citizens  (even the ACLU objected)

2) The unconstitutional Presidential appointment of new members of the National  Labor Relations Board

3)  Appointment of a new ‘Czar’ of Consumer Financial Protection outside of any government control and solely responsible to the Federal Reserve Board

The immediate response from various patriots can be summarized thus:

1) A call for revolution against the government of the United States

2) A brief yawn

3) Confused anger

The SGCCI falls into the third category.  Revolutionary violence is an extreme reaction most citizens consider a final resort.  A bored yawn is a fatalistic caricature of Eastern philosophy.  For centuries, most confused and angry Americans have turned to the law and the ballot box.  Either can be stuffed with deception, but with long term patience and perseverance, those two institutions have triumphed.

Our forefathers pledged their lives, their reputations and their fortunes to a new nation of liberty.  The last sentence of the Declaration of Independence is  “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”   A precious few are willing to sacrifice their lives, and this nation is blessed because of those few.  Most citizens are not ready to sacrifice their honor in the community.  For some, it is all they have.  Giving it up by taking an unpopular position is a great sacrifice.  But our courageous forefathers did it without hesitation.

Not many are ready to risk their fortunes, or even part of it.  Legions of ‘good causes’ assault our sense of charity every day.   The demand for our lives is distant, but our wallet is a handy potential martyr.   Now is the time to closely examine the clamor for parts of our wealth.  Who actually furthers the cause of freedom?  Can they be trusted?  If they can, we need to sacrifice some of our fortune for the sacred cause of liberty.

Revolution is a final option.  Final.  No end is certain except the destruction of people and property.    Some embrace an apocalyptic solution.  We insist the resulting misery would be too great to bear at this time.

There are eleven months to the next election.  So what do we do now?   Revolution is hell and apathy invites slavery.  We suggest this: protect the local ballot box and the Constitution.  If we fail to do either, the Republic is lost.  Further, we advise attendance and participation at local meetings of units of local governments and the various patriot gatherings held in the area.  There will be one in Big Timber on January 19.  The speaker is honored, but of less importance than the gathering of citizen patriots who will be given the opportunity to discuss future action to protect the foundations of our Country.



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