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Robert Lewis 2010 Speech

Robert Lewis 2010 Speech

Hello, my name is Robert Lewis, I am a Sophomore from Big Timber, MT


 Today I will share with you some of the common arguments that pro-choice people will use about why abortion is justified, and also touch on what a few of the different types of abortion are.  Before that however, I would like to talk about what being pro-choice, or pro-life means.  A person who is pro-choice generally thinks that it is a woman’s choice about whether she wants to keep the fetus, or the unborn child within her, or whether she wants to terminate the pregnancy, and never give birth to the child.  A person who is pro-life generally believes that abortion should be illegal, and the woman has an obligation to give birth to the fetus, and if she does not want it then, she can put it up for adoption.

According to a 2005 poll in the US, 18% of those surveyed said that abortion should be “legal in all cases” 28% said abortion should be “legal in most cases”, 28% said abortion should be “illegal in most cases” and 16% said abortion should be “illegal in all cases.”  These statistics show that the debate on abortion is almost split down the middle, and is probably the biggest issue in our country where the people are so evenly divided.

One of the beliefs that pro-choice supporters present most often is that an unborn child is not living, and by destroying it, it is not taking a life, because there was no life there to begin with.  This is incorrect, and a wrong way to think, because an unborn child does in fact have life.  After 1 second, the fetus will have it’s own unique DNA.  Around the 20 day period it has a beating heart, a primitive intestine, and the formation of the outer layer of the brain is complete.  Between 30 and 40 days it will have a complete skeleton.  After 8 weeks the child has every organ in place, and a stomach that produces digestive fluids.  The fetus will go through many other developmental milestones on its path to birth.

It is a sad thing to know that we are at a point in our country where refusing something the right to live is justified by the fact that it is a convenience, and can save money.  We are seeing this kind of thinking more and more, and it is directed toward groups that people believe are either useless, or too expensive.  It may soon be common not to give grandma the medication she needs to live, because she has already served her purpose, and is just an expense now.  This type of thinking has come about from the legalization, and common acceptance of abortion.  It is also alarming to think we might come to a day where ones value within a society is based upon how much of an expense they are to their family, and how useful they are to the government.  This may one day determine whether they should or should not get the treatment they need in order to live longer.

Life is a characteristic that distinguishes beings that have self sustaining biological processes from those that do not.  Everything that we as humans consider to be “living,” contains DNA, which stores all of the genetic information for a specimen.  An unborn child has DNA too, this DNA has never been seen before, and won’t ever be seen again.  Every single living thing on this planet is for lack of a better word, a miracle.  The chances of any specific DNA combination occurring, is 1 to a higher number than we can possibly fathom.

A fetus has many of the same characteristics that we have, the primary difference is location.  A fetus still resides within a womb, however a born child is in a different environment.  Location should not be a factor in the discrimination of whether something is living or not.  A fetus does rely on its mother to provide it with nutrients, and other functions for it to continue to grow and thrive, and a born baby does too.  If we were to let our babies attempt to fend for themselves after they had left the womb, they would be unable to do so, and one would be most likely charged with infanticide or child neglect.  

 I would now like to describe some of the common methods of abortion, and bring to light how inhumane they sound.  One of them is suction aspiration, which involves literally vacuuming an unborn child out using an electric pump.  If someone was to try to vacuum a born child, death would occur, and whoever did this would probably be looked down upon.  This heinous act however is justified by pro choice believers, and the only variable that seems to come into play is location.

Another common type of abortion, called partial birth abortion involves pulling most of the baby out of the womb, with the exception of part of the head.  Once this is done a needle is inserted into the portion of the baby’s head that is visible, and its brain literally gets sucked out.  If this was performed on a born baby, you would be charged with infanticide and would spend a good portion of your life in jail.  Somehow though, this act of injustice is justified by people who are pro choice, simply because the location is different.

If you go to an Albertsons, and you steal a candy bar from there, and were caught in the act, you could get charged with shop lifting.  This act would be just as unjustified if it were performed at an IGA, even though the location is different.  It is my belief that taking one’s life, which is against our law in the US, is just as unjustified no matter where the location is, and find it ridiculous that people twist their minds into believing that a unborn child is not a living being. 

In conclusion a fetus is a living being, it is a baby, and it should be allowed the chance to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is the promise that our forefathers endowed upon us.  I would like to thank you all for being a good audience, and coming here tonight to listen to myself, and all of the other presenters.  I hope all of you can leave tonight with new knowledge about the injustices of abortion, thank you and good night.

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  1. Debbie Hathaway says:

    Excellent Essay Robert!! You have some great points that we all need to consider!

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