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Round Two

Round Two

In round one of legal fight against Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock and his bullies at the Office of Political Practices, the people of Montana lost.  The Montana Supreme Court upheld laws that are obviously in violation of recent federal Supreme Court decisions.  But that was just the first round.

Today (Friday February 24), American Tradition Partnership (ATP) State Coordinator Doug Lair announced a “resounding” victory in Federal court on behalf of the group’s more than one thousand Montana members.  “Montanans who value their 1st Amendment rights were vindicated again today against an attorney general and political elite in Helena who don’t want their voting records exposed to the light of day”, said Lair referring to ATP’s twin victories at the United States Supreme Court and in Federal court, exactly one week apart.

“You’re darn right Steve Bullock doesn’t want us talking about his vote against the jobs and wealth that Otter Creek coal will create,” Lair continued, “so of course he and his friends at political practices want to retain the right to go on investigatory fishing expeditions against their political enemies.”

U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell found unconstitutional the state’s vague statutes forcing anyone who wants to publish a politician’s vote on a certain issue to also publish every related vote by that politician, and a so-called false statement law. He declined to enjoin other claims that Montana’s campaign contribution limits are too low.

ATP is challenging over a dozen speech-related statutes as unconstitutional in three cases; nationally, so far the group has not lost such a case. The litigation has already resulted in announcements from the Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices to all registered political organizations, telling them how the laws have changed.

In a second announcement, Lair writes:

Greetings Freedom Lovers,
The Montana Supreme Court is 0-2 in the past week (see the Heritage Foundation link below).  Last friday, February 17th, we at American Tradition Partnership along with several other plaintiffs prevailed with a US Supreme Court stay against the State of Montana Supreme Court in one of our three free speech cases. Incidentally, today ATP won a federal injunction against two more Montana anti-speech laws, with more to come.
In the other defeat for the Montana Supremes, Pacific Power and Light (PPL Montana)  prevailed with a decision overturning Attorney General Steve Bullock’s fleeting victory before the Montana Supreme Court, which gave carte blanche for Montana’s unconstitutional attempted land and water taxation of riverbeds used by power plants (See Prospect link below).  These two cases are huge victories for the citizens in Montana, and huge defeats for big government. 
It’s no wonder Montana’s political and liberal press establishments want to silent free speech. The state tried to hold its citizens in check and abscond with another $50 Million in taxes and they would have if the Montana Supreme Court decisions been left  to stand.  And who ultimately would have gotten the bill, with no choice but to pay? You guessed it – not Pacific Power and Light, but the business owners, citizens and  taxpayers of Montana.
With Montana’s state government record of prohibiting free speech which oppose their schemes to increase tax burdens to the state’s citizens, citizens need to look closely at the state Attorney General and make-up of our state’s high court next time the Attorney General and justices come up for election.  The current office holders don’t seem to grasp the fundamental principles of the Constitution.  Nor do they comprehend free enterprise.  Because of  the State Supreme Court’s hard-line anti-business tone, Montana is known worldwide as a tough place to grow a company and employ Montanans.
Perhaps a 0 for 2 record will help encourage a more robust public debate about whether Montana’s AG Steve Bullock and five of the seven members of the State Supreme Court truly represent the best interests of Montana constituents and employers in our great state.
On behalf of more than 1000 Montana American Tradition Partnership  members, please take the time to read the Heritage and Prospect links below and consider joining American Tradition Partnership in the fight to restore our constitutional freedoms in Montana.
Doug Lair
State Coordinator
American Tradition Partnership

For more information about American Tradition Partnership, contact Doug Lair at; for inquiries regarding any litigation matters, contact attorney James Bopp at (812) 232-2434.


American Tradition Partnership is a 501(c)(4) grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to fighting environmental extremism and promoting responsible development and management of land, water, and natural resources in the Rocky Mountain West and across the United States. 

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 and Stephen Breyer making decisions based on their personal ideologies and political opinions—as opposed to the actual evidence submitted in the cases before them—look no further than an order issued February 17 in American Tradition Partnership v.
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