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Obama vs. Catholicism & the Army UPDATED!!!

Obama vs. Catholicism & the Army UPDATED!!!

The history of this nation includes many events when religious organizations supported political causes.  Some, like the prohibition movement,  have been ill-advised and relegated to the trash heap of naive ideas.   Others, like women’s suffrage, changed the United States and the world.  Rarely has any American political group attacked churches for their moral positions, but there is no doubt that the Obama Administration has picked a fight with the Catholic Church and other religious groups who refuse to sell out to Caesar.

UPDATE: But Caesar has his ways.  Today it was learned that the Secretary of the Army, an Obama appointee, instructed the Army to prohibit  Chaplains from reading the letter from the Catholic Archbishop.  Does that sound impossible?  Apparently not.  Soldiers don’t seem to have first amendment rights.  Read more about this outrage by clicking here.  You might remember that our current President didn’t know how to pronounce Corpsman.  It’s no surprise he thinks soldiers live on a government planation.

Fear prevented many religious organizations from confronting the evils of fascism and communism.  Many contemporary Moslem governments systematically oppress Christians, Jews, Bahi, Zorastrians and countless other groups who do not conform to the State approved religion.

But today, a great and powerful religion spoke up all over America.  This Sunday at almost every Catholic service the priest read letters to their parishioners similar to the one below.  The action was required by the U.S. Catholic church leadership.  Imagine, every parish, every service across America received or will receive this message.  It is an unprecedented public display of defiance of the Obama administration’s attack on Freedom of Religion and Speech.     READ Bishop Warfel’s response to Obama’s HHS Mandate

There was no homily or sermon. This was what was said today at Mass at St. Joseph’s in Big Timber and all over these United States.  It is a huge event and it happened all across America.  The Catholic church actually took a political stand and made a call to action with the same message-get involved, write or call your congressional representatives and demand this violation of free speech and freedom of religion be rolled back!  To read the Heritage Foundation’s interpretation of these events, click here.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

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