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The Delphi Technique

The Delphi Technique

In the next few months many of us will be going to public meetings.  The issues will be far ranging and the attendees will be equally diverse.  One group that often attends meetings has learned a technique practiced by the Bolsheviks and honed to a science by Noam Chomsky and other radical progressives.  Some of you might have seen it in action.  All of us need to recognize it.  It is called Delphi, presumably named after the ancient oracle of Greece.  You can read more about it here.   

SGCCI does not necessarily agree with all of the conclusions and suggestions made by Mr. Burns.  We are particularly troubled by his advice to “use their own methods against them.”  The Delphi Technique is fundamentally undemocratic and would destroy individual rights so cherished by our Republic.  So we are not convinced that using such a method is wise.  But the article is full of good information which educates us in the methods sometimes used by a radical minority intent upon control.  Here is another article about the method.  It provides more ideas  about how to combat the technique.


A Famous Facilitator


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  1. Maggi Dunakin says:

    The first link above does not take me where we want to go. It has not been functioning for the two days I have tried it.

  2. Maggi Dunakin says:

    Thank you for personally sending the above linked article directly to me. It is very interesting reading. I have spotted this technique locally for years. Now I know what to call it. It was used in the inaptly named Sweet Grass Artist Alliance (Persian rugs and Navajo jewelry, anyone?). The Sweet Grass Health and Wellness has used this (remember Horizons?) as well as the Dornix Park debacle. We would do well to learn these techniques, keep observing, take notes and never stop talking about it. It has become quite obvious (to me, anyway) that the “community” we have been told repeatedly is the beneficiary of these well wishers is NOT the goal, total domination is.

    Admin note: The founders of SGCCI do not necessarily agree or disagree with any comments made on this blog.

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