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The Faw Incident

The Faw Incident

On April 26, the Republican Legislative leadership showed us exactly who they are and how they operate.   Speaker Millburn and Majority Leader MacGillvray bluffed and bullied Bob Faw, a well-mannered gentleman who has made it his advocation to track the actions and voting records of our legislators.  Bob and his wife Judy report to various Tea Party and Patriot groups in Montana.  They know that it is not enough to elect Republicans who make all the right noises during an election, then sell out once they begin work.  Bob and Judy know that someone has to go the distance and verify that self-described conservatives actually act and vote like ones.   Some of our Senators and Representatives did hold to Conservative principles.  We will soon post a list of them and express our admiration and gratitude. 

Thanks to the Faws, we know who the sheep and the goats were in the last session of the Montana Legislature.  The Republican leadership tried, with some success, to keep the Old Boy, Montana Republican elite in charge.  Their goal was politics as usual.  But they didn’t count on Bob and Judy and other stalwarts who can be described as Conservative, Liberty loving, dedicated patriots.  Like their liberal brethren, the Republican leadership thought the Tea Party had no staying power.  The Tea Party was just another group of extremists who would fade away if given a few meaningless tokens and slippery promises.  Maybe a couple of the leaders might be co-opted by an office or a subsidy. 

But Bob and Judy and others showed them the real truth.  Times have changed.  The voters of Montana have woken up.  They know that free lunches are an illusion.  And thanks to Speaker Millburn and the Republican leadership, they now know who really speaks with their voice.  Truth is never glib, deceptive or manipulative.  Read about the incident by clicking the links below then judge for yourself.  Who represents you?   Bob and Judy, or Speaker Millburn and his mob?–Closed-Caucus/

4 Responses to “The Faw Incident”

  1. montanaguy says:

    Bob Faw as the victim of bullying – there is a situation shrouded in poetic justice and covered with irony.

  2. montanaguy says:

    go ahead and censor me. It just proves what thinking people know: you’re narrow-minded people who censor your critics. Bob Faw has always been a bully.

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