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Triangle’s Earth Day

Triangle’s Earth Day

Christy Keto, Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Triangle Telephone

P.O. Box 1140

Havre, MT 59501

To the Owners and Managers of Triangle Telephone,

We saw Triangle Telephone’s advertisement promoting the celebration of Earth Day at the Big Timber Health and Wellness fair on April 21.  Perhaps you are unaware that Earth Day is an artificial holiday that promotes ideas and activities that are in direct contrast to fundamental American principles of freedom and Judeo-Christian tradition.

Many corporations have promoted Earth Day with the commendable intention of increasing profits by appealing to a specific market.  However, the core of that market is anti-capitalist and anti-freedom.  Those who pander to that group will eventually be regulated and taxed out of business or into becoming an arm of government.

In 2009, the United Nations created International Mother Earth Day.  ‘Mother Earth’ is a reference to Gaia, the goddess of Earth.  The concept of Earth Day originated at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969.  It attracted and was supported by activists involved in the Anti-War Movement and Counter Culture.  We need not emphasize the inherent and long-term corruption of UNESCO.  Even the popular media report on it.

Like too many other environmental movements, Earth Day is just another tool used by those who seek to control individuals and engineer society.  Furthermore, the worship of physical phenomena is straightforward paganism and materialism, ideas contrary to the Judeo-Christian ethic.

We urge you to stop supporting the celebration of ‘Mother Earth.’  As Genesis says, God created the Earth.  It is GOD who should be the focus of celebration, not a pagan goddess.  The Bible also says that man has dominion over the Earth, not the other way around.  Not all who signed this letter are people of faith, but the message of each signer is simple: celebrate liberty, not slavish obedience to questionable science and self-serving materialism.

Doug Lair                              Robyn Roberts         Geoff & Nancy Goble          Kevin McCauley

Dale Grosfield                      Rocky Heinemann                           Terry Baird

D. R. Lundy                           Scott Crawford                                Gale & Bobbie Lair

Vic and Judy Rue

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2 Responses to “Triangle’s Earth Day”

  1. montana pete says:

    Your letter is addressed to “the owners” of Triangle Telephone.
    Triangle Telephone is a cooperative. It has no owners. It’s damn near socialist. I’d give up telephone and cable service from them if I were you

    • admin says:

      We are aware that Triangle is a cooperative. Technically, that makes its customers the owners. But the reality is that like most cooperatives, the bureaucrats run it. Unfortunately, many of us have no other options for telephone service. Perhaps you could help us with some suggestions. Thanks for your reply.

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