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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Progressive programs and indoctrination have found their way into our local government and schools at an alarming rate.  They fly under the radar and are usually associated with good programs that we need and support.

Recently, the City Council approved a resolution supporting a MSU program: the Local Government Center. It provides education and information to public servants. The program includes many organizations that have existed in Montana for decades. Its’ purpose is to support public officials in the execution of their public duties. But there is one part of it that looks to be political indoctrination.

Included with all the otherwise very good programs was one called Horizons. It is a product of the Northwest Area Foundation.  The NWAF is a leading Progressive organization. Horizons appears to be an innocent program helpful to the poor and those “at risk“.  Sweet Grass High School presented a Horizons program that was a progressive indoctrination boot camp called Manaia.  It is run by Wayne Mortimer  and was originally intended for “at risk youth”, a dead giveaway catch phrase that boils in the pot of academia’s social engineering.

The objective of Mortimer’s program is revealed on his website by two quotes from Progressive individuals. The first is Hiwi Tauroa, a member of the Maori in New Zealand.  The other is Anne Wilson Schaef.  (If you enjoy tawdry details, search for Anne Wilson Schaef on line. You will discover more than you want. She is a person who should not have any influence over anyone, let alone high school kids.)  Since they have become aware that we are exposing the truth behind their program, the website has been scrubbed and rewritten.  This is a scan of the original page referred to above.

Hwi Tauroa, Anne Wilson Schaef and their admirer Wayne Mortimer teach the principles of the Maori concept of whanau.   Mortimer boasts that students of the Manaia sessions “…begin to feel as though they belong to the group”.  (emphasis ours)  Consider what “belonging to a group” means.  Who does an individual belong to?  Himself?  God?  A social Group?  Who owns a human being?  We believe that the only owner of a human being has to be a slave master.

On his U-Tube video about his Backpacker’s Hostel in Bozeman, Mortimer also speaks about how wonderful it is to live in a communal setting, about how individuals don’t have to be related, about being mentored by parents of a friend, about the “guardian angel” and Manaia.  The concept of the whanau in modern day New Zealand has been a resounding failure and yet, this is what Mortimer and the Horizon’s program have brought to students in Sweet Grass County.

If each part of all programs allowed into our community is not thoroughly examined, we run the risk of condoning and promulgating indoctrination. We have to be informed or we will be indoctrinated, too. Some citizens won’t take the time to educate themselves. A small minority of others actually approve of progressive/socialist ideas. At this time in our nation’s history the political climate is so dangerous that we have an obligation to know what’s going on in our schools and government institutions. If we don’t, pervasive and undetected progressive agendas will prevail and the Judeo-Christian tradition, the bulwark of human freedom and dignity, will be destroyed.

What happens if U.S. public schools become Progressive indoctrination camps?  We’ve seen a taste of that with the last election.  But judging from the mock election held at Sweet Grass County High School, the students are far from being “brainwashed” into supporting left wing ideas.  We commend them for their independent thinking.  We also commend the voters of Sweet Grass County who upheld conservative principles.  Nonetheless, the danger exists and citizens should be wary of programs that teach ‘group think’ and ‘consensus building.’

All of us should be alert to the ever present threat of voter fraud.  And the temptation to vote for “PURE” candidates needs to be resisted.  Splinter groups only splinter and are too often the pawns of liberal strategists.

2 Responses to “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

  1. kevin says:

    Thank-you for getting this information out, we need all the help we can get.
    I would like to clarify that I was able to postpone this vote for a month so we could look into these affiliations and possible ramifications. This vote was essentially to just send a letter of support to the State Legislature to aid MSU/LGC in getting funding.
    Sometimes I/we have to choose which battles to fight; it seemed this one would be better fought at the State level not locally. Rep, Howard will likely be on that committee; we need people to contact him and Rep. Redfield and bring this to their attention.
    Thanks again.

    Kevin McCauley
    City Councilman

    • admin says:

      Admin note: This comment is from Maggi Dunikan who had technical problems posting a response.

      Horizons has spawned many entities around Big Timber. An interested person may want to look up which groups appeared simultaneously right after the Horizon program was administered to Big Timber en masse.

      History has recorded the consequences of a small group of self-appointed “community guardians” dominating an increasing number of facets of a community. It is a dangerous concentration of UNELECTED power that bears close scrutiny.

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