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Young People of Sweet Grass

Hello, my name is Sara Lewis, I am an eighth grader from Big Timber, Montana.

What is Going On?

What is Going On?  Have you ever done a self assessment and saw that something is not right in your life, and in order to achieve self improvement and/or happiness you must make changes to correct it?  I am sure the answer is yes, as we all have problems to address and decisions to make on a daily basis.  Before we can address a problem, we must identify the root of the problem, form a plan or resolution and then execute it in order for us to regroup or realign ourselves with the truths and/ or our moral beliefs.  Perseverance and dedication is required, it is not always easy to achieve your goals without some level of pain.  If you stay the course and achieve your goals, the rewards are usually plentiful.

OK, now I want to ask you….. why am I up here giving a speech ?  The reason is because the moral fabric of our society has been tattered, if not torn, and I am here to discuss the cause.  I know I was supposed to prepare a speech on a specific Right to Life topic, one that probably would’ve provided startling, unbelievable facts and figures on mind blowing things occurring in our society, but chose to go deeper, and try to identify and communicate the underlying problems.

All of the topics, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and stem cell research have common threads, they are a complete disrespect and a lack of dignity for human life, and they are wrongdoings that have become legal or are being considered to become legal here in the United States.  I want to point out that these wrong doings did not become legal as a result of the majority vote of the people, but were judgment decisions made by either the legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government.

Therefore, I ask myself the following:

Is removing God and Christian values from our society the correct thing to do?

As a nation, are we responsibly carrying out the constitution implemented by our founding fathers?; and

Has our legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government done the right thing for the right reasons?

If above were true, then the world should be a much better and safer place for my generation and for future generations to come…correct?  I wish I could believe it were true, but I have several concerns regarding the direction we are headed, and that direction is not aligned with our forefathers values and spiritual beliefs.  We are drifting away from the society that was built on the Ten Commandments and an “In God we Trust” nation to a secular nation that is selectively removing Christian values, the foundation on which this country was built.

Many have argued that since World War II, our society, along with many other European societies, have or are trying to abandon their traditional norms rooted in Christianity and replacing them with continuously evolving relative moral rules, otherwise known as moral relativism.

Moral Relativism is an idea where there is no ultimate standard for good or evil, so every judgment about right and wrong is purely a product of a person’s preferences and environment.  Since moral relativism does not have an ultimate standard of morality, it makes no statement or position on what can be considered absolutely “right or wrong”, “good or evil”, “best or worst.”   When it becomes dominant, the legitimate moral principles are no longer the foundation of our laws.  Moral relativism strongly encourages people to look for ways to “get away with it”, after all, it’s just one person’s opinion against someone else’s.   In a morally relativistic culture, the only real reason to do (or not do) anything is to avoid the consequences from other people.   If everyone in society really, truly acted as though right and wrong were purely matters of opinion, then society would implode into a battle of “MIGHT makes right”.

It is easy to see that no modern civilization has ever been built on a foundation of “moral relativism”, however, moral relativism is a widely held position in the modern world.  I consider it as a cancer or a parasite, it has attached itself to our society, a healthy being, and is weakening us and is causing destruction and the justification of immoral behavior.  Once it is imbedded, it is extremely difficult to cure and / or reverse.  So why are we allowing this to happen?  I guess the thought is, if we remove God and his absolute values from our society we will remove guilt and our conscience becomes optional.  Is this the right thing to do?  If so, it really scares me, this philosophy has infiltrated our society and is selectively being applied to the sanctity of life, marriage, family values and to our own personal behaviors…….where will it stop?

A TV commercial once aired showing an Indian Chief assessing the damage done as a result of pollution.  After seeing the damage done to his once clean fisheries and hunting grounds, the Indian Chief was shown with a tear running down his cheek.  It was a sign of sadness and disappointment for man’s neglect and maltreatment of the environment. In parallel, I could see our founding fathers, and others who fought and died to preserve our beliefs, with a tear running down their cheek.  It too, would be a sign of sadness and disappointment in us, as our value systems and beliefs are now firmly planted in mid-air, not on the foundation they built for us.  I am sure this is not what they had anticipated or intended.

How do we resolve this issue?  The first and most important is for all eligible voters to vote and make your vote count.  Research the background of the candidates and make sure you vote for the candidate whose agenda is aligned with your own values and beliefs.  We need to make sure that we elect the right representatives so that when judicial appointments are necessary, the right candidate is selected, the one who supports life and our value systems.  Let’s not allow someone to fix something that is not broken.

Another way to counter moral relativism is through involvement, we need get involved, work hard and provide support to groups and churches that are fighting for our common beliefs and values.  We cannot rollover and allow the continuance of moral relativism to spread, we need to keep it under control.  We need to keep Christian values as our foundation, be the voice of the voiceless, preserve our constitution and fight for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Let’s have faith that RIGHT makes might; and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand.”

In conclusion, by removing God, we open the door to the enemy.  So, let’s keep the faith, do what’s right and keep God as our guiding light.  By doing so, our values and the foundation built by forefathers will be restored and the rewards will be plentiful for my generation and for future generations.

Montana 2008 Right to Life Winning Speech

By Abby Lair


Did you know that in a single year approximately 42 million abortions take place world wide?  During the devastating Holocaust genocide 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis over a 10 year period.  This means if we replayed the Holocaust seven times it would not be equivalent to the amount of lives taken by abortion world wide in one year.  What’s ironic is the onset of this genocide was abortion.  On June 26, 1935, as a way to lower the Jewish population, the Nazis passed a law allowing forced abortions on women.  They did this because killing preborn children was not as obvious as killing adults, so they could start to lower the population of the Jewish people with them being oblivious to the matter. The truth is: preborn babies are human, each human life is valuable, and all humans have the right to live.

Preborn babies are human.  It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception because the child is living, developing, and it has its own genetic makeup unique to itself.  Conception occurs when the sperm joins with the ovum to form one cell called a zygote.  In this single cell lies the blue print for every single detail of the human body:  The infant’s gender, height, skin tone, hair color, eye color, and so on…  No matter what, a child is a human 2 minutes after he or she is born, 10 minutes before he or she is born, or even 6 months before.  The only difference is development.  A preborn baby is a human maturing.  Just like a 14 year old is more developed than a four year old.  To further prove this point, imagine two women becoming pregnant at the same time.  Seven months later one of the women gives birth to a premature, healthy baby, while the other women is still pregnant.  Two more weeks pass by and both of them want to give up their babies.  Why should the mother that is still pregnant be allowed to kill her baby and not the woman who has already given birth?  Some people would say one has been born and the other has not, but there is only one difference between the two babies and that is their location.  There is no distinction between the two infants that allows one to be killed and the other to live.  In 2004 88% of all abortions, in which gestational age was reported, occurred around week 13.  By then the infant’s organs, systems, as well as nerves and spinal cord are developed and functioning.  The baby has everything a child has including fingernails and brain waves.  It can kick, frown, swim, and grab objects.  Sound familiar?  They can do things humans do, and they have everything humans have, so what gives us the right to take away their life?  Some believe an unborn baby is not human because it is still dependent on it’s mothers to survive.  I know people who have diabetes; they are dependent on insulin to survive.  Are they less human because they are dependent on it?  Of course not, they are still human beings.  You can’t take a baby and throw it in the street and expect it to live.  Even after birth a baby is dependent on a mother, so dependency does not make a baby more or less human.  A being is either human or not human, and every human’s life is precious to the world.

Never has physical perfection been mandatory for one to live, except by the Nazis during the Holocaust, and never, except the physicians in the Holocaust, has a human beings value of economic usefulness measured the extent of one’s life.  Until now.   Now there is abortion.  According to The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, 93% of abortions are because of social reasons such as the baby is inconvenient or unwanted.  Only 1% is because of rape and incest and 6% are because of possible health problems with either the mother or the child. Since this is the case, instead of abortion, the right thing to do is put the child up for adoption.  This does not ruin a child’s life; it actually gives children a chance to live

In our society today, if a person were to destroy an American bald eagle’s egg or even just take it, he or she will be charged with an enormous fine and even time in jail.   Yet, we are able to do the same to humans and not be punished, and actually given permission to do so by government.  Thomas Jefferson once said, “The most important function of Government is to protect the lives of it’s citizens”.  Is this being done today?   In the United States, during 2005, an average of 1.2 million women obtained abortions.  That would be 1.2 million potential doctors, inventors, ranchers, teachers, parents, and much more.  Could one of them have found a cure for cancer or helped thousands of poverty-stricken people?  We will never know.  All human beings are of great worth.  They have the right to live, and are guaranteed that right to life in our constitution.

Never, to one citizen, has the government granted the legal right to have another killed in order to solve their own personal, social, or financial problem.  Can you imagine parents having their four year old put to death because they decided they did not want to have a child anymore?  It would be a huge crime, but that is what’s happening with abortion except the child is less developed than a four year old.  Throughout the history of the United States, a human’s right for life is clearly stated.  The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution declares, “No State shall…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…” [1] The definition of a person is a human being, and the definition of a human is a member of the genus Homo sapiens, so a preborn baby, being human, should be guaranteed these rights.  The Declaration of Independence further presses the point when it states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain and unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” [2] The Declaration visibly says these rights can not be taken away from people, but they were when abortion was legalized.  Each and every human should be entitled to pursue happiness, and in order to do this, they have to have the chance to live.

A popular phrase that developed during the holocaust was “never again”.  People wanted the tragedy of the Holocaust to be known so never again in a short period of ten years would 6 million lives be taken for such unjust reasons.  Now, I stand before you saying, “Again.”  This extreme tragedy is happening again right before our eyes.  We can not ignore the cries of the unborn.  We need to spread the true facts of abortion to protect valuable lives of babies and their human rights since they are unable to protect themselves.