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Your Land?

Your Land?

Some citizens believe the  United States is on the right track.  That is a minority viewpoint as illustrated by the poll numbers.  Depending on whose poll you read, somewhere between 73 and 65% of the population thinks the U.S. is on the wrong track.  The majority isn’t always right, but in this case we at SGCCI think the American people understand correctly.  We are on the wrong track.

Recently, one of the Sweet Grass County commissioners said he was working to help take back our city, county, state, and country.  He said he wanted to do it for posterity.  He expressed the straightforward notion that the people own all public land and should be free to determine its use.  Bob Faw got some grief for stating what to us is obvious.  But who does Bob think controls the land now?

Federalland The federal government is $17 trillion dollars in debt, yet it controls the majority of the land in 11 western states.  AND IT WANTS MORE!  


Along with  Defend Rural America (DRA), and American Lands Council  we agree with Bob Faw that state and local control would result in a lot better decisions about Forest Service and BLM Land use.  After the health care debacle, do we really want the federal government  to control our land?  Our water?  Our air?  Remember that famous line “You can keep your insurance policy.  You can keep your doctor.  Period!”  Will we be able to keep our land, air and water, too?

One Response to “Your Land?”

  1. rich christ says:

    I agree with Bob also. The feds want control of our lives. Just look at the health care problem they created.

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